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Ginger Club is an initiative to empower the Nigerian Youth with regular income and information. We are guided by these two words, “Together, Stronger“.

Credit: Vanguardngr, 2019: Nigerian youths and the long march to success. April 15, 2018.

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  1.  Credit Alerts Every Friday: Yes this is true! Every Friday of every week, GingerUp credits bank accounts of every member on what they earned that week. How can  a member earn income? Simply invite people in your network to join the club with your Affiliate Referral Link. On every member that joins through you, you earn N500. Please take note, you MUST earn a minimum of N1,000 to get a credit alert. So how much you get every Friday depends entirely on you!
  2. Shopping Discount Tickets: As a member, you get a free shopping discount ticket to shop for your favourite gadgets on Modeldirect Online Store. This shopping ticket is a set of coupon code that enables you to shop for home appliances and electronics on Modeldirect at amazing discounts. This is powered by the owners of Modeldirect online store.
  3. Access to HOT Information: Memebership to GingerUp Club automatically gives you access to getting our newsletter, where information on hot topics is shared. Some of the areas include, money making trends, business ideas, DIY tips, relationship matters, shopping guide, lifestyle, and so much more.


  1.  Spread the word about GingerUp. Spread your referral links. Remember, “Together, Stronger”
  2.  Renew your membership every Quarter (every 3 months). That way, you can keep enjoying all the benefits of being a member of GingerUp Club. Signup & Renewal Fee is N1,000 only.
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