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Why Email Marketing in 2021?

Why Email Marketing in 2021? April 14, 2021Leave a comment

Email marketing has been around for decades. Quite a number of organizations and individuals have applied email marketing to their marketing strategies over the years.

Why Email Marketing in 2021

However, the idea of email marketing as a veritable tool of acquiring prospects and converting them to customers took a different turn with the pandemic that hit the world in 2020. This is so because millions of people around the world had no choice but to stay indoors. And since then, the use of the internet to communicate with one another became a crucial necessity to everyone. Thus, statistics of people who use the internet has spiked up considerably and continues to do so.

Entrepreneurs and Businesses have realised that in order to remain in business, they must find a way to communicate directly & effectively with people via the internet.

This need has opened up the importance of emails. So, what is email marketing? Before we answer that question, let’s take a critical look at what an email is.

And email can be termed to be the currency of the internet. Think about it, before you can acquire a social media account you must have an email, before you can sign up for any service online you must have an email. In a nutshell, before you can be an active internet user you must have an email

It is unequivocally clear that the email is the currency of the web.

Therefore, email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategy that is deployed as a tool to directly communicate with people who have been identified as prospects and/or customers for the purpose of maintaining business relationships and for the extension of service and products to the consumer.

Email marketing should not be taken with a casual approach. It is a powerful means of communication that has less distractions than other communication platforms on the internet.

In coming articles, we will learn more about the subject matter.

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